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Woollahra Storage Units

Are you trying to find storage units in Woollahra areas? Do you need a self-storage facility that is secure, available as well as provides affordable storage space? Easy Self Storage provides the best answer. We are Sydney's leading service provider of the best storage solutions, from business or commercial storage all the way through to personal storage for your home. All our storage facilities are conveniently situated as well as we provide cheap storage units with excellent customer care. We additionally provide a price match guarantee on our storage unit prices.

To review your storage for rent demands, do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff, by filling in the form above or giving us a direct call!

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Reasons why storage prices vary

Storage prices for the exact same size unit vary from facility to facility. Self-storage fees are determined based on several factors, including the size of your unit, location and position in the facility, convenience to you, and the duration of your stay. Many storage companies offer special rates when you book storage for 6 months or if you book storage for 2 bedroom apartment or house. If you are seeking to store your belongings, it is essential to know just how much the regular monthly cost will be. The price you pay depends upon how much time you need to keep the items in storage and the number of units of space you need. The cost of storage facilities can vary significantly depending upon their location. The closer a facility is to the city, the more pricey it will certainly be. The reasoning is that property prices are far lower in the borders than they are more detailed to heavily populated areas. If you are intending on long-term storage that does not require regular access to your goods, one way to conserve money and get cheap storage would certainly be to pick a storage facility a minimum of 30-45 mins from the CBD area. While comparing storage rates, you may be attracted to select a storage unit based upon the most affordable storage quote offered. Nevertheless, many factors must be thought about prior to deciding. There's no rejecting it: saving your belongings is a big deal. You intend to ensure they're risk-free, secure, and easily accessible when you need them. Nonetheless, there are many different options when picking the right storage service provider and unit. You'll intend to make certain that the service provider is trustworthy and reliable. It would certainly be best if you had a facility that provides a lot of car parking and adaptability to upsize/downsize, satisfying your needs as they progress. The storage experts need to be experienced and helpful also. The factors over and the ease of reaching the storage facility are all important to consider while examining the price provided by the storage company.

The minimal period of storage is normally one month. You'll have to examine your options if you want something that satisfies weekly storage rentals. Some self-storage centres provide discounts for even more prolonged rental periods, dramatically reducing storage costs monthly or storage costs each week. If you're uncertain for how long you'll need the space, you can constantly ask the storage facility to tailor a temporary self-storage solution that fits you.

How to choose the best self-storage facility for your needs

It is very important to keep some things in mind while contrasting your local storage facilities or storage depots. With due consideration, the self-storage experience would be a beneficial one. Right here's what we advise:. Availability When you need your storage unit, you need it quickly. So even though you may not need access to your storage unit right away or regularly, it's vital to ensure that when you need to use or move your belongings, you can do so effortlessly. When seeking a storage company, you might think about one that offers easy opening hrs and year-round access. This will allow you to enter your storage unit when you need to, instead of waiting on a certain day or time. Service The standard service you're looking for is a clean and secure storage unit. Still, complementary and additional services can go a long way to guaranteeing you enjoy a positive self-storage experience. When looking for the very best way to store your items, see to it that plenty of options are readily available. You'll need storage delivery and loading and unloading services as well! Location When seeking the perfect storage space, it is very important to find one that is both hassle-free and satisfies your needs. A storage company near home may be the best option if you're storing seasonal items you'll need every couple of months. A space near work might be best if you're saving excess stock, business records and office furniture, while a spot near your much-loved fishing spot could be the best option if you're choosing to store a boat. Security The value of your possessions is not constantly measured in money. Some items may be sentimentally priceless, while others might be irreplaceable. Nonetheless, also things with little monetary value can be essential to you and your family. Security needs to be just one of your top problems when selecting a storage space. An exemplary storage facility will have strong locks, video cameras, and adequate lighting. It will also be properly maintained and clean to make sure that you can be certain that your belongings are safe. Flexibility Despite the fact that you might have intended to store your belongings for a while, life can constantly disturb those strategies. Temporary storage service providers can be flexible with you to ensure that you do not have to pay for even more space than you need or obtain embeded a contract if your situation changes.

How It Works

Storage delivered

We bring a mobile storage unit to your home or office, saving you time, money and effort.

Carefully loaded

We load it for you, or you can pack your items yourself – the choice is yours.

Stored securely

We collect your loaded module and store in our secure warehouse. And you can access when you need.

Super Easy Mobile Self Storage Is So Much Better Than Traditional Self Storage!

Mobile Self Storage

Single Handling


Your items get loaded on the storage mod only once, and we store the mod at our storage centre. No separate removalist or truck hire fees.

Saves Time

We bring the storage mod to your location. When you need the storage unit again, we deliver it back.


Your items get loaded on the storage mod only once, and we store the mod at our storage centre. No separate removalist or truck hire fees.

Traditional Self Storage

Double Handling


Items need to be loaded at your location and then unloaded at the storage centre. You pay for multiple loading and unloading and also truck hire fees.

Time Consuming

You have to arrange for a removalist, truck driver and storage company. You also have to travel to the storage centre.


Due to loading and unloading multiple times, the chances of your items suffering damage increase.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Make the decision easier. See what other people reckon about our service.


It was a great experience, with simple planning, and swift execution. I was in a jam and needed a Studio Apartment full of furniture stored. I received a quote over the phone, service on the same day and I’m now back in Melbourne stress-free.Impressive turnaround! Highly recommended.


Absolutely amazing team at super easy storage. I couldn’t give a better recommendation of 5-star customer service. They accommodated my last minute requests and even helped me pack up my storage unit when I was in a rush to leave. Such a great company, trustworthy, and fair priced.

Sabby Jey

Very grateful for Julian and Mario’s help. One of the best experiences I have had for a project with a very tight time AND last-minute changes as well. I highly recommend the team at Super Easy Storage to anyone looking for a quick, efficient service for removal and storage.

Vivian Michael

Organising with Mario was very responsive, helpful and reliable. The two guys who came to pack everything, Mark and Wangles, were friendly, punctual, hard-working and professional. They worked as a fantastic team to ensure what was a “big project” for us went off without a hitch.

M McHugh

Access your stuff when you need it

Whenever you need anything from your container just give us a call. For no extra charge you can grab what you need from your container at our warehouse then we’ll put the container back away when you’re finished.

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Have a Question?

Do you have something else to ask?

What size are the storage modules?

Super Easy Storage modules come in several sizes; our most common size is our maxi 10m³ module with an internal measurement of 1.7m x 2.3 m x 2.4m.

Please contact our friendly staff for more information so we can find the right solution to your needs.

How many storage modules will I need?

Generally, we say one module is suitable for a small one-bedroom or studio apartment. Any additional rooms would require additional units. For example:

● A studio home will generally need one module
● A one to two-bedroom home will generally need two modules
● A three-bedroom home will generally need three to four modules to be safe.

Where do you store the modules?

All modules are stored in our secure, monitored, alarmed warehouses.

Our storage centres are located across all major residential and commercial areas in Australia.

When can I have my goods picked up or delivered?

We work Monday through to Saturday. Generally, we have three booking times available for each day:

● 7:00 – 8:00am
● 9:00 – 12:00pm
● 12:00 – 4:00pm

For available hours in your area, it’s always best to contact your local Super Easy Storage as times can vary from state to state.

How do I access my goods?

You have access to your storage unit for free from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday and 9:00am to noon on Saturday, provided you give us 2 business days’ notice.

Are the modules secure?

Yes, our modules are made from plywood, keeping the contents perfectly ventilated. Each Super Easy Storage module can be fitted with a padlock – supply your own 7mm shackle or Super Easy Storage can supply one for you. You will be the only one with access to your individual unit, as only you will have the key.

Moreover, our facilities are secure and provide great, long-term care of your goods. Our warehouses have round the clock security services watching all of our portable units.

Is there storage units near me in Woollahra?

Yes, our storage facility is conveniently located in Woollahra with free parking available.

What Fits Inside Our Maxi Module?

Get One Month FREE in Woollahra

Offer Ends in 5 Days!

Fill out your details and we’ll get back to you within 15 mins with a quick, easy storage quote.

* One month free offer subject to length of storage.

About Us

Being the pioneers of mobile self-storage, Super Easy Storage commenced its journey in 2008, with the commitment to provide hassle-free self-storage to households and businesses across Australia. We aimed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional self-storage, and we did it by bringing portable storage modules to your doorstep, saving you time, money and most importantly, the safety of your items.

Our biggest strength is our team members who have continued to grow with us over time. We are proud to say that all our loaders and drivers are hired in-house (unlike other mobile storage providers). With over a decade of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that our experienced loaders will handle your items with utmost care and professionalism.

Whether you’re renovating, moving, decluttering or storing collectables, we have the perfect tailored storage solution for you.

What is Woollahra like?

Woollahra is a nice but pricey suburb in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, located 5 kilometres east of the Sydney CBD. The city is only a ten to fifteen-minute drive away, and many buses serve this area. Like those of other inner-city Sydney neighbourhoods, Woollahra's streets are so narrow that buses frequently have to drive across roundabouts in the middle of the road. It is only 0.5 square miles in size and has a population of slightly more than 7,000 people.

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